Our Mission

Pathway to Entrepreneurship’s mission is to broaden the ecosystem of support for new and aspiring entrepreneurs in Wake County by focusing on catalyzing entrepreneurship in underserved communities. There is a lot of great work already being done locally, and we want to make sure that people who are new to starting a business are directly connected to the best partners for their industry and specific need.


How It Works

We can help provide business information and resources, no matter what
phase of business you are in:

  • Idea

    • Have an Idea for a business
    • Interested in learning about


    CAWD engages you in idea generation for your small business through 1:1 sessions or workshops. We implement Design Thinking activities into the brainstorming process. Through career exploration, we can help you determine if entrepreneurship is a good fit by:

    • Identifying traits aligned with being a successful small business owner
    • Understanding why you are pursuing entrepreneurship
    • Determining if you are ready to start a business
    • Working on your business idea to see if it can be refined into a sustainable business model
  • Plan

    • You want to move forward with your business idea
    • Learning the financial
      opportunities and costs of your business


    If you determine that you're confident with your business idea and have the interest and capacity to start a business, CAWD will help with the following:

    • Due diligence work:
      • Competitor and Industry Analysis
      • Create a business plan
      • Understanding the financials of starting up a business
    • Business Plan Components Include:
      • Executive Summary
      • Company Overview
      • Business Strategy
      • Human Resources
      • Market Analysis
      • Marketing
      • Operations
      • Financial Projections
  • Launch

    • Preparing to register your business
    • Setting a strong foundation for your business


    With a completed business plan, you are ready to proceed with business creation. Our Program Staff can assist with the following:

    • Registering Business Name and Structure
    • Applying for permits or licenses
    • Understanding taxes
    • Setting up a business bank account
    • Establishing a website/social media, if relevant
    • Purchasing insurance
    • Setting up a bookkeeping system
  • Grow

    • Interested in broadening your customer base
    • Looking to connect with local and regional communities


    After you have launched your business, Pathway to Entrepreneurship can help you:

    • Find initial clients
    • Create positive cash flow
    • Set a goal of profitability to create financial security
    • Connect to local and regional communities
    • Develop business opportunities
  • Sustain

    • Financially Sustainable Business that is interested in scaling


    Once program participants have reached the point of financial sustainability they have reached the end of our program. At this point, we can support sustainable businesses by:

    • Connecting you with local organizations focused on supporting scaling businesses
    • Connecting you with the existing business ecosystem
    • Introducing you to local business chambers and relevant groups
    • Assisting you to find grants to further support your growth

Meet Our Team

Tyler Daniel

Tyler Daniel

Tyler Daniel is the Small Business Manager for the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, focused on helping entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

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Barbara Brothers

Barbara Brothers

Barbara Brothers is the Business Engagement Director for the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, promoting economic growth...

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Joseph Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Joseph Wilson, the Small Business Program Coordinator for the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, possesses a strong dedication to community engagement and...

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Capital Area Workforce Development Board’s Pathway to Entrepreneurship program is supported in whole or in part by federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds awarded to Wake County Government by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Program award: $1,362,000.

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