Tyler Daniel

Tyler Daniel is the Small Business Manager for the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, focused on helping entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Tyler Daniel studied entrepreneurship at UNC-Chapel Hill, during which time he also had the opportunity to become immersed in Raleigh’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in 2013 through his work with Raleigh Founded. After being inspired by his time working with entrepreneurs, Tyler decided to forgo a traditional 9-5 job after graduation but instead worked as an independent contractor with as many different types of startups as possible.

Working on a wide range of projects helped him to learn to adapt quickly to challenges and see that there were common issues that many entrepreneurs faced regardless of their industry. Based upon these findings, Tyler started his own company that focused on supporting entrepreneurs who were passionate about their businesses but lacked the technical or soft skills to build products or services to scale their venture. Tyler’s startup gave him experience as a participant in accelerator and incubator programs, and he ultimately decided to pursue entrepreneurial program development to expand his ability to impact the community.

Tyler has since designed entrepreneurship programs for students and Wake County residents through his work with NC State University and Wake County Government. Tyler has over a decade of experience working in the Raleigh/Durham Entrepreneurial community, and his passion is connecting new and aspiring entrepreneurs with expert partners and mentors, providing valuable resources, and supporting entrepreneurs through creating and growing their businesses.

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